Nearly anyone can save about a....  Thousand Dollars per year
and still watch most anything they want on TV . 

Typically ,(according to ISP churn reports) -A million people per quarter- 
are changing the way they watch TV...
You --can save a similar amount
--are definitely at the
right place to find out how. 

The three steps needed are outlined below

TV antenna

Digital TV antenna


This gets you most all the locals , news, tv shows FREE 
and most transmitted in perfect 1080P High Definition! 
Prices are varied as well as performance (distance capable to broadcasting towers). Sometimes you can find a tech to do your install professionally..or just DIY . Here is where you can split the signal to every TV in the house and have crystal clear channels needing only the TV’s remote . Knoxville has over 20+ such channels. Those channels cost $0 per month.

Digital TV antenna 101


Internet Service Provider

 This service allows not only web surfing but provides the Data for a Roku, Firestick or Kodi player which is what ‘streams’ your movies, tv shows, sports , kid shows etc.
Costs vary and sometimes there is a contract  to cover equipment and installation unless you want to just prepay those costs.
Rarely is a residence within the service area of every ISP, or even more than a few of them. The Key is getting the best one for YOUR location 

Find the Best Internet


Roku, Kodi or Firestick

Lastly, you need a streaming device. There are 3 main types and each have their advantages/disadvantages, are reasonably priced and have at least some Free TV content .
Most can run apps to play your subscribed content over your home TV

Which one you have, and how it is programmed will be the difference in getting a few hundred channels/movies/sports events and thousands of them

Find Best Player

Here is our latest Kodi Media player in action

Get your media player now !

OK, I’m in…but is this Legal ?

Is it legal to stream TV in the US?

Is StreamTECH Legal to use in the United States?
These are prominent questions we get about the StreamTECH  and sometimes about other TV streaming boxes . Let’s examine this matter.

Is Streaming really Legal?

Get the Best Wifi Now!

Where do I begin?

      What options are available to you… 
                 …..and are they reliable and affordable?

   There are many different ways to get internet at home
    A good reliable internet is what you need to stream whatever TV/movie/sports you want.

    ( don’t worry we’ll show you how…it’s really easy! )
—first choice———–wired cable
—second choice–—–wired telecom <U-verse>
—Third choice——––Satellite (2 way) 
—Fourth choice——–Local Tower WiFi*
—Fifth choice———–wireless carrier^                                 
           ^<cell phone hot spot>
(but ONLY if you are quite near the tower and have UNLIMITED Data—IT will break you if you don’t .Truely unlimited data wireless carriers are becoming very scarce nowdays)

 —What doesn’t work!—>wired telecom (DSL)

     *= listed 4th due to required upfront cost, and smaller footprint but easy to prepay and therefore have NO contract

    Note: Cable and telecoms usually don’t have contracts, but that is becoming the norm now. Many of them are charging up front fees and deposits depending on credit findings. Most cable and telecoms do not charge for installations.

    Note: All Satellite service (whether internet or other) have a typical  2 year contract due to equipment and/or installation costs associated with the installed system.

    Technology is also on the move….so what may have been sufficient years ago may  no longer ‘cut it’ and could very well be
                   …..getting quite unaffordable! 

    You can also use the internet to monitor and remotely control many items in your home (think Security, Heat-Air, Pet cam and Doorcams)
    We”ll quickly cover each internet service, explaining how to identify which services are available to you,  the costs and what to expect from each service. Here is a link to Sully’s Review of the various ISP services in the East Tennessee area. 

Sully’s ISP ReviewI just want Internet for now.

What are my TV options

OK , Let’s be frank….

   You can always just keep your cable, satellite or telecom services  and keep paying that steadily increasing monthly billyou know the pain. 

    Shucks, you may have just been surprised with that ‘new bill’  that quickly arrives just after your ‘promotion’ period just ran out.           
    Most  ,by that time, have discovered that the chances of getting another ‘promotional’ price are pretty much slim to none.! …but the ISP will gladly remove a tier containing your favorite channels to save a few dollars….yuck!
    Or…you may already be put out with the whole mess and ready to ‘throw in the towel’  putting ALL that monthly payment back where it does the most good (in the family budget). …well maybe not, but at least that’s the way >I< felt.
   There IS A MUCH BETTER WAY,…maybe not for everyone,… But a MILLION people per quarter are saying ‘YES’ , “I want it Now!”…
                      Typical results of ditching bundles……

——–Thousands of >your< favorite TV shows with the ability to watch whatever season – episode you want….or binge watch all of them! 
———Nearly unlimited Sports programs, channels, documentaries and live games.
———Millions of the movies YOU want to watch including some not even in the theaters yet!
———All the Networks (including international ones–nearly every country!)
——–Watch anything on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook or any favorite Podcasts,V-logs etc.
——–Use your TV like a PC and browse anything you want on your Large TV screen
——–Unlimited Kids and Womens channels
All the while saving as little as $50/month-$600/yr
to well over $150/mo-$1800/year!

Saving a cool Thousand per year is a ‘piece of cake’ 
  The solution is very simple and we’ll show you how….Its actually the way ALL of the ISP’s are already heading (with their own apps) that can run on most media players.

             DirectvNOW–Sling-NETFIX-Amazon Prime-
                     Spectrum Choice- XfinityStream                                             

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